“Bespoke Freestanding Carport”

Built with Super Chunky Legs and Thicker than needed Timbers all Tanalised for Super Weather proofing, GRP Opaque Sheeting to the roof and finished off with Maintenance Free White Upvc Fascia and Gutters.

New GRP Roof + Secure Frontage

“Here we have built over the existing Carport to put a fall on to run rainwater off, built a New Frontage and installed a New 70/30 Split Door, finished off with new Upvc Cladding + Fascia”

Carport Refresh

“Here we have replaced the old Corrugated Plastic Roof with our GRP Sheets, made good the original Timber Structure and finished off with Upvc Cladding + Fascia”

“ Carport constructed and GRP sheeting used to keep it light and bright , new Lead work along the house wall and polycarbonate sheeting used to cover the sides for a fully weather tight area “